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Commitment to Education

Retirement plan sponsors experience our services as a value-added employee benefit and we seek to improve investment result for each participant.We are instrumental in spreading the world of this higher touch employee benefit as a guide your plan participants. As a vote of confidence, PWM allocate other client assests as well as our personal monies to many of the fund line-up options. After all, we respect our research.

Peck Wealth Management’s employee education program focuses on a disciplined long-term saving strategy and is designed to add value to 401(k) plans for businesses with up to 250 employees.

We educate your employees and guide them in clarifying their risk tolerance and understanding the dynamics of portfolio construction. Our professionals will help your plan participants make important decisions that have a lasting impact on their lives in retirement.

Because asset allocation is left in the hands of the participants, investment fundamentals must be clearly defined. Our coaching focuses on:

  1. Discovery - life cycle
  2. Planning - saving
  3. Action - investing
  4. Education - plain English