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Investment Expertise

Investment Expertise

Our platform is an “open architecture” design, meaning that we can provide a wide range of investment choices at the lowest cost. This allows us to customize the investment options to meet the needs of each employer’s plan. Furthermore, we aim to cut costs for plan participants via prudent selection of investment choices.

By definition retirement plans have a long-term investment horizon. The need to both preserve purchasing power and grow account values leads to an emphasis on equity allocations. Equity securities are typically more volatile and have many more moving parts than traditional fixed income funds. Our retirement plan business is supported by PWM’s specific expertise in evaluating equity investments from the ground floor up. We have been analyzing all types of equity securities including mutual/exchange traded funds and individual stocks for many decades.

Measure Plan Success As always, it’s the process that counts and PWM’s roadmap for performance measurement is much broader than evaluating each fund in a vacuum. Rather we continuously review the constant motion of investments by assessing the moving parts of both quantitative and qualitative criteria for each fund and the line-up as a whole.