We are committed to developing long-term relationships and being trusted stewards of our Client’s financial lives. Peck Wealth Management proactively addresses the many factors that surround our Clients’ wealth and provides solutions designed to:

  • Manage portfolios with a keen focus on both preserving and growing asset values.
  • Match investments to each Client’s risk tolerance, lifestyle and interests.
  • Preserve funds from erosion related to taxes and inflation.
  • Develop an optimal plan to access various pools of wealth during retirement.
  • Coordinate efficient ways to transfer wealth to future generations.

We carefully consider the entire financial picture for each Client as we construct and manage a variety of specific yet related portfolios:

  • Taxable and tax-deferred accounts
  • Separate accounts for spouses
  • Children, grandchildren
  • Trusts
  • Retirement plans
  • Charitable, Foundations

Peck Wealth Management believes that balance and diversification, and flexibility to adapt to global economic forecasts, are key investment management disciplines. We employ a customized asset allocation of equity and fixed income investments in consultation with each Client. By spreading risk over multiple sectors and securities, portfolios are positioned to navigate cyclical ups and downs and experience more consistent returns over time.

Our approach works with a wide range of risk tolerances, income and liquidity needs. Multiple family related accounts can be designed to work together cohesively to:

  • Create a dependable income stream
  • Aim for capital appreciation
  • Provide tax efficiencies
  • Compliment private investments
  • Produce optimum returns with the least amount of risk