Investement Consulting

Peck Wealth Management Clients have accumulated sufficient assets to appreciate the complexity of managing wealth. Our Clients value unbiased advice and rely on us to be the sounding board for a broad range of financial matters. This requires access to a network of experts to provide a coordinated plan and goes beyond just taking care of investments. We integrate our advice with other experts such as attorneys, accountants, estate and trust advisors and financial planners. Together we provide a comprehensive blueprint for addressing all advanced planning needs.

We design a plan that maximizes our Clients' probability of achieving their goals by clearly addressing specific life cycle factors, time horizons and risk tolerance. During our progress reviews we pinpoint important life developments and adjust the wealth management plan accordingly. This fluid and flexible process insures that every aspect of our Clients’ financial picture is current and their portfolios are optimally constructed for both nearer and longer time horizons.

To address our Clients’ needs effectively, we must first foster trusted relationships with them. Our careful attention to Relationship Management is the connecting thread to a lasting and successful Client experience. We strive to nurture our Client relationships for generations to come and our services extend to all parts of their financial lives. Naturally we provide input for many decisions that are beyond our typical services, such as lifestyle issues, family education, intergenerational issues, elder care, charitable giving.

In the role of Investment Consultant, PWM is in the middle of the circle with our Client. We join our Client in reaching out to a wide variety of specialists to achieve the optimal long-term wealth plan.

Our practice focuses on multi generational:

  • Individuals, families
  • Trusts and trustees
  • Business owners, executives
  • Foundations
  • Retirement plans

We are retained for a variety of projects:

  • Educate family offices, foundations and trustees
  • Analyze portfolio construction
  • Coordinate management of multiple family accounts
  • Advise executives on investor communications

We provide a coordinated approach that integrates:

  • Relationship management
  • Advanced planning
    • Wealth enhancement
    • Wealth transfer
    • Wealth protection
    • Charitable giving
    • Life cycle - plan adjustments
  • Investment policy design
  • Specialized manager selection
  • Portfolio monitoring
  • Comparative investment performance
  • Liquidity and risk management