Peck Wealth Management is focused on providing a balanced approach to wealth management. Our ultimate goal is to preserve and grow our clients’ wealth as we build lasting relationships with each individual and family, and plan for their future generations.

Our Clients appreciate how PWM provides the benefits of a large investment firm while maintaining the personal touch and flexibility of a small firm. We play an active role in coordinating the investment management of our Clients’ assets with the many other aspects of wealth management such as tax and estate planning. We insist on being 100% objective as we advise our Clients.

  • Our singular focus is investment management. We are an independent Registered Investment Advisor and maintain a fiduciary duty to act solely in each Client’s best interest.
  • Our knowledge of the marketplace is supported by over thirty years of research, investment strategy and portfolio management leadership roles with some of the most respected firms in the industry.
  • We do not allow conflicts of interest. We are exclusively fee-based and do not act as a broker, earn trade commissions, sell products or custody Client assets.
  • We only work with Clients for whom we offer substantial value, above and beyond the costs of our service.
  • Our Client accounts are customized. We maintain separate accounts for each Client and manage each one based on well-defined objectives.
  • We communicate frequently with our Clients. We are known for anticipating our Clients needs, listening to them and responding to their questions clearly and quickly.
  • We proactively invest in the research and the technology that allows us to offer a wide range of investment ideas and provide a superior Client experience.
  • We carefully consider tax and risk implications of every single investment.

The principals of PWM have the vast majority of their financial assets invested in the same strategies as our Clients. Therefore, our personal investment interests are directly aligned with our Clients.